VH-ICE, one of the coolest if not the coolest way to cool down. Available in various flavours all delicious as each other. Choice on flavour can be picked simply by the colour alone as they all taste as good as they look. But if you get mixed emotions on what flavour to get.. Just get a mix of flavours, nobody will judge you. Satisfy the kid in you or literally your kid!

VH-ICE is a mix of ice and syrup blended perfectly together which gives you the perfect ice drink. Does not include alcohol. 

Vape House also has a variety of stronger drinks available to choose from that make the most extraordinary and refreshing cocktail when accompanied with our VH-ICE.  Along with our wide range of awesome flavoured E-liquids, why not grab a drink while enjoying a Vape House Session and add it to the new amazing experience of Vape House.